Day 152

One week down… only 22 left! Today we had our first big(ish) snowstorm of the season, and as usual, it brought out the stupid irrationality of many people. Unlike a lot of other people, I found myself begrudgingly partaking in my commute to work this morning in my 2 wheel drive Accord, making it to work safe and sound. Calling around to local businesses though, my work was almost entirely fruitless, as nearly all local entrepreneurs had shut their doors at the onset of what has been appropriately tagged by the media as “Pre-Thanksgiving storm” (Very creative.) Needless to say, when noontime hit, my quest for lunch – which is usually simple and mindless –  turned into a life or death journey across an arctic tundra. Cursing my employer for having the audacity to stay open during this driving nightmare, I went back to work but only after getting stuck in the parking lot as I was pulling in. The publisher must have heard my prayers at about 1:30, when it was announced that we would be closing at 3:30. Twiddling my thumbs for the next hour and a half and spending more time pretending to be busy that actually BEING busy, I was permitted to go home a bit earlier… at 3:00, after the storm had dissipated. Now safe and sound in my cozy bed at home, I’m greatly anticipating tomorrow’s feast and good company. The roads will be cleared and today’s unnerving terror of being on the roads will no longer exist.


Day 154

Finally, a relief at work. After the most exhausting week of my life (last week) which was filled with early deadlines, grumpy customers, and wrong ads published, it’s over. The paper has already been printed for this week and now my next round of ads don’t have to be printed until December 1st, which feels like an eternity. As a person who works the best under pressure, having a deadline that is so far away encourages procrastination. However, today I was able to buckle down and secure some ads for December 1st, as well as log some of my customers who run on a weekly basis. As queen of the procrastinators though, this does not come natural to me and during my spurts of productivity I am tempted to check the very addictive Facebook or catch up on the latest bath salts story in the BDN. The thing is, I have always been the type of person who does everything at the last minute. I did a four month internship and wrote my reflection paper in three hours… while sitting in a parked car in the middle of a construction site. Even though so much weighed on that one grade, I was amazingly nonchalant about the procedure of writing the paper, and this holds true throughout other spectrums of my life. While I might be a crazy, stressed out, on edge person, I refuse to EVER plan anything in advance. Life would be no where near as fun if it wasn’t done in a fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants manner. While it’s important to make sure the essentials are taken care of (housing, food, job, etc.) other things can be put on the back burner. Just procrastinate and chill out, maaaannnn.

Day 155

Day 156 was spent at the every classy barnyard of Bangor. With a few more ass slaps to my name, a bruised foot, and a hang over to deal with, I would consider this trip achieved its goals of sketchy, crazy, and fun. Today however, I paid the consequences… dearly. However, there really is no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than being lazy and I achieved this goal as well. Catching up with a friend and power walking off a lunch of fatty (but delicious) proved to be a pretty amazing day for me. So far so good….let’s hope I keep up this positivity/distraction thing for 155 more days!

Day 157

I think it’s time I bid my farewells to the iPhone I once loved dearly. As with all new things, they grow old and lose their sheen. My iPhone 3GS, once fast, state of the art, and capable of taking clear cell phone photos is now a thing of the past. Adding to my desire to upgrade is the fact that I am now eligible to buy a phone at the contract price – a definite perk. But upgrading comes at a moral cost. Is it okay to discard a phone that is in (relatively speaking) perfectly good condition, a luxury that many people could never fathom affording? I’m the one who judges couples on getting divorced after the first few years of marriage, criticizing them for dumping their spouse once the honeymoon phase is over. Really though, this is what I’m doing with my phone. It still does everything I ask it do, just at a much slower rate of speed, producing somewhat grainy photos and not responding well to the multiple dropping incidents I’ve put it through. As weird as it might appear, I almost feel guilty looking at other phones, like I’m cheating on my iPhone. Apple amazed me with the iPhone technology, and now I find myself going gaga over the HTC Vivid. I can guarantee that once I find a new phone, the honeymoon stage will wear off after I have thrown it a few times and sworn that I will never use AT&T ever again. If my iPhone continues to give me a guilt trip though, maybe I’ll continue to stick things out with her until she finally decides to sputter her last few breaths of battery life, who knows. Hopefully my upcoming trip to the AT&T store will provide some insight on this big life decision I might possibly be making.

Day 158

I think it is fair to say that the typical person does not look forward to their next awkward social interaction. I for certain don’t, but today it was inevitable, as I attended my very first chamber after hours event. A glorified bragging event, each month a local businesses will hold an “after hours” event at their establishment, displaying their facility and innovative, if not state-of-the art services. Snacking on only the most common finger foods and mingling amongst strangers (or better yet, faux friends) is not exactly my cup of tea. I instantly revert back to the days of the middle school dance; a place where it was okay to group in clusters against the wall and chat with friends. However, this was not the case for me tonight, as networking was the name of the game. After all, my degree is in communication, so how hard could it be to communicate with my fellow chamber members. Simple answer: very. Trying to make small talk with people who I share little in common with proved to be a challenge. Hell, getting people to even talk to me was difficult enough. As soon as it was socially acceptable for me to leave, I dashed, leaving a wake of people who were probably astonished by my awkwardness. Lesson learned, in the future I will try my hardest to latch on to people I know and coerce them into occupying me for the whole evening, thus avoiding any potential wallflower situations that might present itself. I cannot honestly understand why such an event is held though, as I can see very few people kicking up their heels and enjoying the raucous camaraderie that the chamber makes after hours out to be. While my social life might be limited at this time, I do not ever see chamber after hours as a function that I will greatly anticipate, as I think clipping my toenails would be far more enjoyable of an act.

Guess Who’s Back. Back Again.

After a ridiculously long sabbatical (if that’s what you want to call it) I’m back and committed to maintaining my blog. Really though, the only reason why this is occurring is circumstantial. My boyfriend (and here it gets blah blah journal like) left for a job training program that will last for six months… half way across the country. Upon his completion of the program I will be joining him… half way across the country. For the remanding six months though, I will be spending nearly all of my time thinking of ways to preoccupy myself during the incredibly long and dull winter in Maine. Thankfully for my boyfriend though, he will be in a MUCH warmer part of the country. Needless to say, I am less than thrilled, but life is never easy. It’s necessary to update anyone who is reading that my job status has changed again. In the last year, I have been a student, water quality researcher, nursery worker and now, advertising representative. As a child, I always dreamed of working at a newspaper and now I finally am. While selling ads to sometimes pompous business owners has it’s own ups and downs, it is head and shoulders above the days of misery back at the nursery. Ask me this in a few months, and I might disagree but for now it’s tolerable. Out of all the “occupations” I’ve had though, I would most definitely rank student as the best. Where else can you live so carelessly, drink during the daylight hours and consider a night of wandering through the snow with friends successful? Unbeknownst to the eternal college student, there is a life outside of the dorm (and classroom if you went.) Upon graduation the eminent 9-5 doom looms overhead like a vacuum cleaner waiting to suck you in to the never ending monotony of corporate America. I anxiously anticipate a day when I escape the accurately termed “daily grind” and make a difference in the world, doing whatever it takes to satisfy my work needs. For now though, I pay the bills. And I wait.

It’s Been A Long Time

I have easily been the most horrible blogger ever lately. Juggling my life in the real world proves to be a challenge, and one that I am neither willing  or excited to accept. Quite frankly, I am jealous of everyone who is gearing up for the impending school year which will be upon us within the upcoming weeks. With that being said, quite a bit has happened in my life since I last posted. Although I try to avoid making this blog any sort of diary (as I feel that to be a tasteless and tacky way to use such media), it goes without saying that I wish to update my readers as to what has been going on. Since the middle of July, I have been employed by a local nursery (baby trees, not children) as a clerk. Certainly not the most rewarding career choice I had in mind, but one that pays the bills and occupies my time, however boring that might be. This is certainly not a permanent position, though. If all goes according to plan, I should be moving to Texas either next Spring or Summer. Due to certain employment circumstances, my boyfriend has found himself tentatively hired for a position that will take us to south Texas. Ideally, this is not the place that I would like to be, but I am excited for the adventure. I am hopeful that a geographic change in location will increase the likelihood of me finding a  job in my field. Right now, being a clerk at a lackluster nursery is very dull and I feel that my skills and talents are being underutilized. As I write, I am currently at work. A rainy day in a month notorious for lagging sales, there are little tasks to be accomplished and I sit at my post, waiting anxiously for the customers that never come. While I should be thankful for a job in such a poor economy, I can’t help but feel resentful towards the college degree that is doing me little good at the moment. On a side note, my beloved grandmother is currently being hospitalized for gallbladder issues and it is difficult to see such a typically vibrant and spry woman lie cooped up in a hospital bed. Acknowledging the immortality of human life is hard, but this illness is one my grandmother will come out of. I promise to be a more diligent blogger from here on out, as it is important to remain dutiful to a hobby that brings me so much pleasure.