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The Positives in a Negative

Today I went to visit my uncle in the hospital, and I’ll never know if I was fully prepared for what I saw. Prior to today, I hadn’t seen my uncle in a few years ago and seeing him in such a completely pitiful state was hard for me. There was something positive that came out of it though. While I was in visiting my uncle with my mom, uncle, and cousin, he became responsive as my mom was talking to him. He was able to shake his legs when she told him who was there to visit, and when she told him to calm down, he was able to do so. I’m hopeful that my uncle’s hospital stay will be a wake-up call for many of my relatives who are afflicted with severe addiction problems. When my cousin came to visit, it was pretty clear to my mom and I that he was high, and my aunt was too intoxicated to come inside the hospital and visit with her brother.  There is some good that can come out of this though, and I am hopefully that my uncle will be able to overcome his time spent on life support. Alcoholism is not a topic that should be taken lightly. All it takes is one look at my uncle to realize that drinking kills. My uncle is only 44, and already his quality of life is greatly diminished because of his heavy alcohol and tobacco use. He is unable to work. This is not something that someone at the tender age of 44 should be having to deal with it. I’m asking for everyone to please pray for my Uncle Dondi. I really don’t want to go through any more funerals for a while.

On the bright side though…

Whenever someone is hospitalized, it is an opportunity for the whole family to rally together in support of the one afflicted by illness. I am able to visit with my Aunt Jenny and her partner Arnie, as well as my cousins and their children, whom I haven’t seen for quite some time. Positives do come out of negatives!



I have this really hilarious friend, who happens to be absolutely stellar at singing the song Rude Boy by Rhianna. He’s a male, and a few weeks ago we went out the bar and convinced him to sing along with the song on the jukebox. The other day, I casually mentioned to him that he should get a vanity license plate for his car. What would it say? RDE BOI. I realize that this is funny to no one else but me, but it still deserves to be said. I think it would be highly amusing to see my friend driving around the “dirty streets” (his description, not mine) of Haverhill in his pavement colored car rocking out to Rude Boy with his special vanity plates. On that note, I leave you the delightful Rude Boy video. It is of my opinion that Rhianna is delightfully trashy, and this video gives her trashiness some credit. Although I don’t normally engage in the liking of such horrible music, I somehow just can’t say no to this musical catastrophe. As long as Rhianna continues to create her so-called music, we will all have great songs to sing along with!

Hospital Admittance

My uncle got admitted to the ICU today and is in respiratory distress. In his youth, he spent many years abusing his body and is now paying the consequences dearly at age 44. Seeing both him and my grandmother going through the pain and suffering of smoking is enough to make me never want to start. In the prime of his life, my uncle is unable to enjoy his favorite activities and is confined to low intensity stimulation and is mostly limited to staying indoors. Out of my mom’s five brother’s and sisters, 3 of them of serious medical issues relating to smoking, drinking, and drug abuse. It’s a shame to see them waste away their lives in such a careless manner My mom’s mother has been grappling on to her life for several years now, as she has chronic emphysema and has had both of her lungs collapsed twice. Although It’s horrible to see these things happen to the ones you love, I’m glad that I have the experience. If I hadn’t been exposed to such situations, I might not have such a strong reason and opposition to smoking. In my uncle’s case, he has an amazingly low lung capacity and uses an oxygen tank on a day-to-day basis.  That’s not something I wish for in my future. For his sake though, I hope he hangs in there. We’re thinking of you Dondi.

Texts From Last Night

Last fall, I was siting in my incredibly boring ocean science lecture, surrounded by freshman with TFLN on their computer screens. I hadn’t the slightest notion what this might be an acronym for, but now I am more than well aware. Texts From Last Night has the uncanny ability of taking up hours of my time by entertaining me with other people’s stupidity. For those of you who aren’t in the know, Texts From Last Night is a website ( that publishes stupid texts that people send in. Most of these texts are fueled by drugs and alcohol but never the less are hilarious. I’ve submitted a few, but fail to be published by the editors of the site. Today, I was meeting up with one of my friends and was sharing with her some of the gem text messages I have saved in my phone. Some of them include: “If ur a whore then im a whore and im not a whore haha,” “Ooo that sucks  ill just have to drink what you cant  gotta keep the economy going,” “what time are you headed to the dog of seas,” “Oh my! If he invites you to his jeep, say no haha” as well as: “Good thing I’m wearing my mom jeans…it makes my walk of shame look a lot less whorish and a lot more soccer mom  power walk-esque,” and I can’t forget “Bahahahaha i am right in the middle of biking with a couple and their personal trainer…I feel like I’m on the biggest loser.” Every time I read these texts, I am incapable of deleting them because they make me laugh and smile whenever I view them. Next time you find yourself in dire need of a procrastination, I strongly suggest checking out Texts From Last Night. It never disappoints.

Coming to an End

I’m feeling nostalgic about the beginning of the year. It seems like just a few weeks ago, my junior year was beginning and I was putting glow in the dark space stickers all over my bathroom, knowing that they would be a pain to take down when I moved out. Unfortunately, the end of school and moving out are fast upon us. This week marks the last week of classes, and with my last final scheduled for just over a week from today, I will be going back home for the summer. Looking back on this school year, there have been the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. The fall was probably the happiest time of my life, just because there were a lot of good things going on during that period. I managed to do well in school while managing an active social life. Then I got mono in November and was the sickest I have ever been for about a month. I had to take a leave of absence from school and take incomplete’s in all of my classes which was not cool at all. Like everyone else, I returned in January to an elevated amount of work that needed to be completed, as well as having my social life pretty much collapse around me. I’ve learned a lot in this past year though, and I regret little of what happened. The lessons I learned will help me grow as an individual, and I’m happy to learn life lessons.  What I’m not happy about is that this school year is over and I can never get it back again. I’ll just have to store the memories in my mind and keep on moving on.

Thank You, Dairy Queen

I have consumed an incredible amount of Dairy Queen these past few days, thanks to their latest marketing ploy. Running from April 19-25, they were offering buy one/get one for .25 cents Blizzards. This obviously made great sense to the cheap skate in me, and for two days in a row, I found myself waiting in line at Dairy Queen to cash in on my cheap and delicious treat. I think this is one of the greatest ideas that the marketers at Dairy Queen have ever had. Everyone enjoys  nothing more than ice cream on a warm spring day, and today was no exception. After watching a painfully long baseball game, my roommates and I went to Dairy Queen (located within a convenient distance from campus which I’m sure is no coincidence) and indulged in yet another Cappuccino Heath Bar Blizzard. Upon leaving the establishment, I jokingly proclaimed that this was probably the busiest day that Dairy Queen has ever seen. In such a dismal economy, it’s slightly amusing to see so many people taking advantage of the deal and treating their whole families out to ice cream. Yesterday, I observed a whole  mini van pulling up to a specific Dairy Queen, in which four Blizzards were purchased. I’m assuming that this is not something the family does often, and this discounted price allowed them to be able to afford such a luxury. As far as my own ice cream eating habits go, I don’t usually consume as much as I have this weekend. Luckily though, this BOGO offer has run its course, and I’ll go back to enjoying ice cream only when I can afford it. Thanks again Dairy Queen!

Love Stinks

Just like the song says, love stinks. At least in my case. I used to swear up and down that it would never happen to me, but unfortunately it did. It’s funny to think that I used to associate love with caring about someone, but it’s really so much more than that. I honestly feel that you cannot adequately describe the love feeling without having been there yourself. Obviously with love comes  heartbreak, but its going through the rough patches of life that makes us stronger. My sister and I were discussing love the other day. As an eighth grader, my sister’s classmates are always proclaiming that they’re “IN LOVE” after only one day of “dating”, just to break up a week later and be “heartbroken”. We all know that there is no way these kids could be falling in and out of love so quickly if the feelings were genuine. What these kids are wrapped up in is infatuation, and love and infatuation aren’t even close to each other. There was a time in my life when I too, thought I was in love. It was the first time I had actually cared deeply about someone’s well-being, but as I later found out, it wasn’t true love. What it came down to was  that I was infatuated with this individual. There was nothing more to it, and we failed to connect on any deeper level whatsoever. In a nutshell, love can be rewarding, but it also stinks. I leave you with this video. (Try not to think about the Swiffer commercial when you hear this song…)