Monthly Archives: June 2010


For the past few days, I’ve been a slacker of epic proportions. Although I’ve been staying up for ridiculously long hours, I can’t bring myself to think of anything interesting (or appropriate!) to blog about. Today is no exception, but it eats away at my soul everyday I go without posting. A few days ago, I was given the assignment to write an essay for my Maine Studies class. As thrilling a course as this might sound, it’s not, and I had a hard time making an argument about the people of Maine. Needless to say, I procrastinated and agonized over the paper and finally submitted what I believed to be my best work (given the situation) about an hour before it was due. As a communication major, I’m inclined to believe that I’m a relatively decent writer and in all honesty, I’m not used to having my essays bashed by professors. Since high school, I haven’t had to deal with many harsh comments about my “weak thesis” or “wordiness” but the comments from this most recent essay more than made up for the three years of compliments I’ve been awarded. Needless to say, I was more than disappointed by the C+ I received, especially considering this class is only based on the grades from two essays. Looks like I will just have to kick my butt in gear for the next essay in order to crank out a good mark in the course. Yee haw.


Shower Hunting

Of all things to hunt for, I have started my initiation into the world of hunting by searching for a shower. Actually, it’s more like scavenging. For the past few days my otherwise adequate home has been stripped of its shower, leaving me unable to bathe on a whim. Instead, I must scout out my plan for attack, driving to a place where I can massage my scalp with shampoo and shave my legs into hairlessness. So far, I’ve probably racked up upwards of 60 miles in my efforts to stay clean with no shower in sight for at least the next few days anyway. As you can guess, there is only one bathroom in my house and a small one at that. In the past few years, our dear little room has become more increasingly in a state of disrepair and after one too many bath’s in which I feared falling into the basement, the time has come to revamp the room. The history of this bathroom goes a lot like this: prior to 1969, the house had no bathroom whatsoever and there was an outhouse, which still remains to this day, although not in use! At this time, my grandfather decided to build an addition on to the main house which housed a shower, sink, and toilet. In January of 1989, the bathroom was renovated yet again, after the birth of the most delightful creature on the face of the planet (myself.) Now, it is 2010 and another overhaul is upon us. Let’s just hope that the project gets done quickly and efficiently, although my doubts are high, so I can bathe at my leisure. I haven’t had to defecate in a bucket…yet. But I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted when I do!

Negative Fun

Homework during the summer isn’t the most ideal form of entertainment and neither is essay writing. After four weeks of my Maine Studies class, it is now time for the midterm essay, and as usual, I am having trouble finding the motivation necessary to complete the task. Unlike a lot of other people, I have a hard time focusing on a project when I’m completing it well before the deadline – instead, I thrive under a lot of pressure, finishing my assignments with moments left to spare before submission. I truly wish I was one of those people who got things done early as it would save me a lot of stress, but unfortunately that is never going to be in the cards for me. As for this paper that I’m supposed to be writing right now, it’s due tomorrow night at 11:30 PM. I have almost two out of the five pages completed, and have every intention of going on a hike tomorrow. There is no doubt in my mind that I will have any problems getting the essay in on time and I see no reason to work on it any more tonight. Hopefully my cocky attitude won’t catch up with me until I at least have graduated from college – I would be ever so thankful! The moral of this story though is that writing papers sucks, especially during the summer!

Yard Sales

As a youngster, I loved to get up early on Saturday mornings, prowling the local newspapers for any sort of yard sales that would be going on in the area. With my grandmother, we would pick up juice and donuts, driving around to numerous neighborhoods, checking out the merchandise that people had set out on their lawns. As we cruised past, my grandmother would inquire as to whether it not it was an “old lady yard sale” meaning the objects for purchase were of the floral comforter/Norman Rockwell painting variety. After I reached a certain age, yard sale-ing lost its appeal to me, and I started paying full price for all of my possessions, regardless of the fact that it was putting a dent in my wallet. No longer do I have this opinion, and tomorrow I plan on going out to a yard sale with my mom. I now have an apartment to furnish and am appalled to discover how high furniture prices are. Hopefully while I am prowling through someones yard, I will be able to find furniture that is both attractive and capable of serving my needs. If not, it looks like I’ll be shelling out major dough and heading to the over priced retailers which is not something I wish to do.

The Wonders of Skype

Limited in my technological understanding as well as a device equipped with adequate video chat equipment, I have been prevented from accessing the ever exciting world of Skype – until now. Always in wonder of my friends who bragged of chatting online with their friends from across the country, I can finally say that I have participated in this budding online community and enjoy it immensely. Prior to today, it had been over two years since I had seen my best friends who now reside in Alabama (I live in Maine). With a few clicks and a webcam, I now am able to chat with them whenever we make a skype date. After the call was over, we all agreed that it was an amazing and enjoyable activity. Since distance and money are our worst enemy, the free web-based application is our new companion. Usually I am one to turn my nose up at new technology, often writing it off as hype for yuppies. However, I must say that Skype is well worth they time and storage space that it takes up on a computer. At first, I feared that I would be unable to configure the program correctly in order to chat with my friends, but miraculously my technological challenged friend Nicole was able to figure it out and before I knew it, I was accepting her call. Doors have now been opened wide for us, and I can show my friends the destruction that has taken place outside of my house in the name of road work, as well as our family pets and interactions with my family members. Thank you Skype! You have enhanced the quality of my relationship with my friends without breaking the budget or traveling long distances!

Socialism in the US – It’s Coming

A sad day in American history, today President Barack Obama publicly denounced general Stanley McChrystal over an interview with Rolling Stone magazine where McChrystal was asked his opinion on the Obama administration. In the article, McChrystal talked about how him and his men “labeled the president timid and disengaged, called the national security adviser a clown, referred to the vice president as “Bite Me” and otherwise trashed top diplomats and allies.” Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Under the first amendment, we are protected by the Constitution to say and do as we please, within reason. This includes speaking negatively of the president and the government and as Americans, we take great pride in the ability to speak freely. Regardless of whether or not McChrystal was a high-ranking general in the United States military, he is still protected by the same laws as every single civilian living on the home front. The system of checks and balances was created in order to prevent any of the three branches of government (Executive, Judicial, and Legislative) to overstep each other. In this scenario, I believe that Obama has overstepped his boundaries. Although the president does also carry the title of commander in-chief, that is mostly in name only, as the lieutenants and generals of the armed forces are the ones that oversee all of the military operations abroad. By sacking a high-ranking official on the grounds of difference of opinion, this discredits Obama’s attempt to gain fairness in the public eye. Surely people will see this for what it is – an absolutely ridiculous attempt by our government to remove a “radical” from a position of power. Hopefully, McChrystal will keep this story in the public eye and raise awareness to the injustice that has been handed to him. It is scary to think that our government can take away our jobs just by acknowledging our public disclosure of our displeasure with the current state of affairs in our country. By taking on a high-profile position of power as president of the United States, Obama needs to realize that not everyone is going to agree with his political agenda or how he goes about solving the problems that plague our country. Instead, he is too busy trying to take down those who he feels are a threat to our unity. A disgrace.

Going Out of Business Sales

As anyone in search of a good deal knows, there is no better place to pinch pennies on items then when a store is going out of business. Currently, there are a chain of movie rental stores in my area that are filing for bankruptcy and as their banners proclaim, EVERYTHING MUST GO! I’m always looking to expand my collection of DVDs, so I went to Movie Gallery to check out their selection. The sale has been going on for about a month now, but I was not eager to be one of the first shoppers to pour over the vast assortment of DVDs and other products for sale. Now that everything has been marked down to 60%, I am more eager to pursue the titles, many of which are still available. I was excited to find many just released films still available and was able to get 500 Days of Summer, The Hangover, Adventureland, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (yes, I am a nerd) for $7.50 a piece. No longer will I be bored during the long, dark nights of winter when there is nothing going on in sleepy Orono. I shall watch discounted movies and revel in the glory of bargain shopping. Although it is a horrible thing to say, too bad more businesses didn’t go under. It would be a great way for me to get things I like without having to break the budget!