Monthly Archives: July 2010

Comparative Weather

It really is unbelievable the difference in weather between last summer and this summer. Last summer was a bummer of a washout, only heating up during the last few weeks of August. This summer has been absolutely gorgeous and hot with rarely a day of rain, and when the rains do come, they are welcomed wholeheartedly. Today is another gorgeous day of sun and warmth. I plan on going to visit one of my friends who lives on an island off the coast in which you take a ferry to get to. In my youth, I did a lot of island hopping with my grandmother and we went around to various islands, exploring the land and just enjoying the beauty of our state. I am extremely thankful to have had such an experience with my grandmother and I hope it is something that I will be able to do with my grandchildren. Needless to say, this island I’m going to today is one I have never been to, so it should be a new, exciting adventure. I am so incredibly thankful that the weather this summer has been the polar opposite of that from last year, as I would be spending much more time cooped up in my room watching movies in bed – which is only fun for so long before it gets old!



I used to be an avid user of the phrase FML, and will admit that I use it a bit more than I should even now. This negativity is never attractive though, and its about time that people as a whole strayed away from these kind of negative thoughts to a more “love my life” attitude. Thinking about my life, I am blessed. I have an amazing family, wonderful friends, and a lot of really great things to live for. Naturally, there are going to be highs and lows for everyone and that’s just a fact that everyone needs to get used to. Today, I was in the presence of a 16-year-old girl who has been battling cancer for the past year. This does not prevent her from living an upbeat, positive life though – instead, this girl is happy to be alive and takes each day in stride and its inspiring to see such a thing. Combined with the positive events going on in my life as of recently, make me a huge proponent of LML. I can’t promise that I’ll be feeling as chipper once the warm days of summer are part of the past and I’m overwhelmed with schoolwork, but for now, things are pretty good. Being upbeat and positive never felt so good.

True Appreciation for Goodwill Industries

A bargain shopper at heart, I absolutely adore going to Goodwill. What first started out as a joke with my roommate has turned into a full-fledged addiction. In the beginning, my roommate and I would go to Goodwill for a good laugh and as a stress reliever from school. Trying on the most hideous wedding dresses and searching for the tackiest of garments, it has turned into a past time. This fall whilst pawing through the racks of my favorite thrift store, I stumbled across a sweatshirt, which I have adequately named “majestic eagle.” The sweatshirt is a vibrant shade of royal blue, emblazoned with a fierce-looking eagle, swooping down to feast upon its prey. This amazing masterpiece also just happens to be the warmest article of clothing ever, coming in handy during the excruciatingly long Maine winters. Needless to say, I am quite fond of the majestic eagle, and wear it as much as possible although it might just be because my mom and sister have a great disliking towards the shirt. Today, I added to my collection of awesome Goodwill purchases – and these are things I can wear out in public without being stared at like a lunatic. The whole concept of Goodwill is beautiful – taking other people’s discarded and otherwise unused items and putting them into the hands of people who could really use/want said articles. Goodwill also employs many people who have trouble attaining employment, and is generally a good asset to the community. During my latest trip to Goodwill I was able to buy four tops for twenty dollars, all relatively new and in good condition. To passerby, no one would be able to tell I bought this shirts at a discounted price. Looking good and saving money, who would have thought? Keep up the excellent work Goodwill Industries!

Random Acts of Kindness

A few weeks ago, I wrote about bringing my “pig” (AKA car) to get de-squeakified. Coincidentally, the day before I brought it in, I also cleaned the interior of my car, and had my mom dissemble my cup holders so that the contents that had slipped in the gaping crevice could be extricated and brought to safety, which she did so marvelously. When I brought my car back from the mechanic, I noticed a pair of earrings left in my console, and assuming they had been retrieved from the depths of my car during the intense clean of the day prior, shook it off as something the prior owner had left me, whether knowing it or not. Amazingly though, it wasn’t just AN earring, but two earrings at that. Two matching earrings. That didn’t look horrible used or horrifyingly unstylish. A few days ago, I finally took the earrings out of my car and wore them in front of my mother, who promptly asked me where I had gotten my latest jewelry. Surprised that she didn’t recognize them from her quest to unearth mysterious objects from my car, I told her that I had found them in my car right after I brought it in to get fixed. My mom called the mechanic to make sure that the earrings hadn’t been misplaced, or someone hadn’t called to report missing hoops. But they hadn’t. Someone put these earrings in my car specifically for me (or so I think.) There was no note explaining this kind gesture so I have no clue as to who to thank. Ironically, these earrings are adorned with zebra printed beads and as tacky as it sounds, I absolutely adore almost all animal prints. Needless to say, I am extremely thankful for such a present. Thank you, random person, for leaving earrings in my car and making me feel pretty and special. I only hope that someday someone will return the favor to you! (Below is a photo of me wearing the earrings.)

Seeing Past the Beauty

As conceited and arrogant as it sounds, sometimes I believe that I have been cursed with being attractive. I know that there are many of you sitting and rolling your eyes, but there is in this statement. Unfortunately, people are shallow and as most anyone knows, people DO judge books by their covers. Without putting any focus on someones thoughts of opinions, people decide they are attracted to others, based almost solely on how they look. In my short 21 years of life, I have found that almost every man I leave in my wake is enamored by my physical appearance, showering me with “beautiful” and “gorgeous” wherever I go. However, this gets annoying and obnoxious, making me question whether or not they are in it for the right reasons. Do they want me by their side as a sort of trophy, or do they consider themselves lucky to have a woman with both brains and beauty in their life? Of all the guys who have crossed my path, I have really only truly been in love with one of them. Although it drove me crazy at the time, he never once gave me any sort of complement commending me on ever looking nice. I always knew that this individual liked me, with all of my outspoken opinions and over the top, obnoxious behavior. To him, my good looks were just an added bonus (or so I wish to think). For whatever reason, that relationship ended, and I’m back to finding guys who dwell only on the exterior. Whenever it’s mentioned though, I’m being honest when I never see myself as beautiful. To me, everyday I look in the mirror and see myself, no more, no less. I want someone who appreciates the whole package, not just part of it.


Often enough, people will describe something as heavenly, but I feel as if that term is only being used because it fulfills the most pressing need at the time. For example, if one is utterly exhausted, a soft, plush mattress could be refereed to as heavenly. Had this person had adequate amounts of sleep, then the statement would have little meaning and would have a low likelihood of being mentioned in conversation. Right now, there are multiple things that I might describe as heavenly, namely being my bed (which is hands down the comfiest, just sayin’) and a huge container of either coffee ice cream or iced coffee, I’m not feeling too discriminatory at the moment. If I wasn’t feeling tired/craving coffee, there would be no need for me to describe these items as heavenly. The term “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” could easily be flipped around and applied to the word heavenly. Depending on the circumstances of a situation, heavenly is massively objectionable and can change from person to person. With this being said though, there is no terms and conditions to the usage of the word, and who I am to judge how people speak? Heck, I’m tired and shouldn’t even be rambling about such a silly thing anyway.


Honestly, I need to stop over-thinking everything. It seems that no matter the circumstances, I am always stressing over something and its something that needs to end ASAP. When school is in session, I’m stressing over school work and housework, when I’m at home over the summer, I’m worrying about finances and whatever random thing I narrow down to worry about. As of today, I have completed the last of my summer classes, but the stress has not ceased. Now, I must worry about my pitiful financial situation, graduating on time, and boys. I’ve been told in the past that I’m a bit high-strung, but have scoffed at the thought, always considering myself as chill. Sadly though, this is not the case whatsoever. It is nearly impossible for me to relax, which is probably something I need to work on should I wish to live a long life. It seems that no matter what I do, my mind always races and I always over-think things wayyyy more than they need to be. I’m not sure whether being high-strung is a personality trait or not, but hopefully it’s something that I can rid myself of once and for all!