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I’m no weatherman, but one thing is for certain – it is too hot out for it to be the end of August/beginning of September in Maine. Usually everyone makes fun of us when we complain about the heat, but this is legitimate. In my apartment, we have all of one measly fan, which currently is in my room, making a feeble attempt to pull in the only slightly cooler night air (still 80 degrees) into the space so that I might try to get some comfortable sleep. With temperatures in the nineties, I can’t help but look forward to winter with a smile on my face. In one of my classes today, our professor made us go around and say one thing we were thankful for that summer has brought us, like cherry tomatoes, or beach days. I said that I was thankful for the warm, sunny weather because once the thermometer hits the single digits, I’ll be longing for the days I spent swimming at the lake. In all honesty I wouldn’t mind the heat that much – had I a big ole’ air conditioner in my apartment and no classes to attend in hot, stuffy buildings. Please, heat wave, END! I’m so tired of being hot and sweaty! I want real fall weather: temperatures in the 60s, falling leaves, and apple picking!


Back At It

Today marks my last first day of school EVER. I am getting to be an old fart, and this just marks how fast time goes by. It seems like just yesterday when I was graduating from high school, so proud of my otherwise meager accomplishment, especially considering that most everyone pursues some form of higher graduation after high school. It’s hard to believe that three years ago today, I was a meek, timid freshman, making my way to an 8 AM economics lecture of 200. In the course of my college education, I have switched majors, done things I would have never thought possible, and have made some absolutely fantastic friends. Now that the last year of college is underway, I plan to make it the absolute best so far. That will be no easy accomplishment, especially considering the work load that I have (willingly!) signed up for, but I’m confident that I’ll be better able to manage my time than I have in the past. Of course, my ambitions are high during the first week of school, so there is no guarantee that I will be able to maintain my plans of productivity, thus making it necessary to take things one day at a time and not discouraged when I waver from my methods. I find that the beginning of a new school year is a lot like New Year’s: big plans for what’s to come. If I’m as much of a champ as I claim to be, this should be easy-peasy and I’ll walk away with a diploma in May all smiles!

Searching for Motivation and Coordination

During the last few days, I have been lacking all motivation to engage in any activity more strenuous that laying in my bed. Now that I’m officially all moved in to my new apartment and have been reunited with my lovely bed, I have deemed it absolutely necessary to make up for the week we were apartment, and have been doing a decent job doing so. Yesterday, instead of going shopping with my friends, I cuddled up in my bed all afternoon and read a book which later turned into a glorious nap. Although being a lazy bum is amazingly fun, it is worrisome as well. School starts tomorrow and all of the activities that go along with it. This means that I am going to have to search deep in order to get my work accomplished and put some effort into friendships before my friends stop asking me to hang out with them. Hopefully my weekend rendezvous with my bed is short-lived and over after today. Then, I’ll be back to my normal, on-the-go lifestyle and regular blog postings. I feel terrible being so unmotivated and it must end soon! I suppose that the best form of motivation is self-motivation, so I need to turn to myself for support. On a side note, I have been breaking a ridiculous amount of things during the past few days. Whether it be snapping my IRON bed frame, puncturing my tire by running over a curb (it must have jumped out at me, I swear!), having my bulletin board fall off the wall and peal paint as it clattered down, or snapping a plastic handle from a folding table, I need to stop breaking things. On my agenda for this upcoming week: to become more coordinated and motivated! I should start today with something productive like going to the gym, but then again, my bed looks reallllllly comfy…


It’s kind of sad when we live in a world where FML is a commonly used phrase and widely popularized due to the promotion of a website. If indeed your life is truly fucked, I’m sorry. Honestly though, I believe the FML buzz term is more of a way of thinking rather than a true reflection of how your life is really going. Positive thought is really the way to go, as well as a much more uplifting way to live life. Yesterday, my sister and I coined the not-so-catchy term of BDOML, representative of “Best Day Of My Life.” For a while now, my sister and I have been saying this whenever we see something that makes us grin. Whether it be related to an inside joke or something that is actually awesome, the phrase best-day-of-my-life gets used. Yesterday, there was a flagger outside of our house while we were playing frisbee and listening to music. Just for the heck of it, my sister and I put on some techno music and were tossing the disc around to Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction”. A few minutes later, our flagger friend started whistling along to the rhythm of the music – thus creating a BDOML moment. To the flagger who whistled along to the beat of the techno song my sister and I were listening to – thank you for making yesterday one of the best days of my life. I wish I had a video of this occasion, but I don’t, so you’ll just have to imagine it yourself. There are BDOML moments on almost a daily occurrence, you just have to search for them sometimes! Positive thinking correlates with a more positive outlook on life, who would have thought?

A Reunion of Sorts

A few weeks ago, one of my close friends came back home after being stationed in Japan for nearly two years with the Marine Corps. Because he was so far away, he saved all of his vacation days in order to take a huge vacation that would be worthwhile, and that time has come. I hadn’t seen this friend in an incredibly long time and tonight we were able to catch up on all of the things we’d been waiting literally years to chat about. This also provided me with a great opportunity to catch up with other friends from high school who were mutual friends of the Marine, so tonight I was able to get not only the gossip and stories from my friend who has been in Japan, but another friend as well. Over the past few years I have been horrible with keeping in contact with my friends from my hometown so it was great to get caught up on everything that I’d been missing out on. Maybe in the future I’ll do better with maintaining friendships, but it certainly is difficult when your friends live miles and miles away! Lucky for me, my friend’s next duty station is in North Carolina and he’ll be home for Christmas before deploying to Afghanistan in January, so at least for the time being we’ll be able to keep in better contact.

I Could Really Use a Hug…or 5

I wish that I was one of those people who could let things go and relax for once in my life, but unfortunately that’s not how things were meant to be. Instead, I worry and stress about anything and everything imaginable and am paranoid about situations that rarely ever turn out as bad as I think they will. Currently, I can’t relax and could literally use a hug… or FIVE. All of the things I’m worried about and can’t get off my mind are silly and will work themselves out – just as they always do. My grandfather used to always remind us that the things we worry about never happen, and that is almost always the case in my life. Instead of spending all of my time worrying and assuming the worst, I could (hypothetically speaking) be amazingly productive and cheerful, but for now I’m going to lay in bed and read – the obvious poor decision in this scenario. The only thing that could bribe me out of my cozy den would be some serious compliments on my character, or a plateful of s’mores. Really.

Sleeping in the Communal Bedroom

I completely understand that using such a phrase as “communal bedroom” might send up some red flags indicating sketchyness or incest, but in my case it is neither. Basically, I no longer have a mattress in my bedroom. Today with the aid of my father’s truck, I was able to move all of my large furniture into my apartment so things will be all ready when I plan on making the “big” move on Friday. Now, I am left to sleep in my sister’s room in her guest bed. My sister and parents (sort of) share a room in which there is no hallway separating the rooms and you have to walk through my sister’s room in order to get into my parent’s bedroom. So for the next four nights, I’ll be sleeping in the same room as the rest of the family. I’m already missing my own bed dearly and it hasn’t even come time to go to bed yet – I am already awaiting Friday night with a great sense of anticipation, as I will be reunited with my marvelous pillow top mattress! I am happy however to have moved in all of my stuff, as it is a giant stress reliever and fun as well, to decorate a room that will belong solely to me! I suppose I can suck up my current sleeping arrangement in order to feel less stressed about moving in to my apartment on Friday, but then again, my attitude might change after a night of sleeping in my sister’s cramped twin bed.