Monthly Archives: May 2011

My Life As A College Grad

Saturday marked my graduation from the University of Maine and since then I have allowed for two days to slip through my fingers. With no job and certainly no school to go to, my life is rather boring. It is my goal to put out a job application a day and hope for the best, but in an economy like the one we’re facing, it’ll be interesting to see where I end up. It’s absolutely terrifying to think that I am now considered a “grown up” in the “real world” and with $34,000 of debt looming over my shoulders, I need to secure a way of making money soon so I can hopefully move out of my parents house before the time I’m 40. Last night at a bonfire I attended, people were sharing what they plan on doing now that they are graduates. Most had already secured high paying jobs and one was traveling to Europe during the months prior to the beginning of her employment, with many new cars parked in the driveway as graduation presents. Feeling like a failure at life, I have absolutely no plans whatsoever – short or long-term. Right now, I can’t even move back home because my bedroom is in a state of renovation and since I’ve graduated, I’ve been doing the exact same things I did as a student. Eating cold pizza, sleeping in until 10:30, turning to my mom in times of distress, struggling to find a decent man and drinking beer around campfires: maybe this is how my life will always be. Better go work on the cover letter now, though. Don’t want to be laying in my bed at 11:00 in the morning with nothing to do forever.