It’s Been A Long Time

I have easily been the most horrible blogger ever lately. Juggling my life in the real world proves to be a challenge, and one that I am neither willing  or excited to accept. Quite frankly, I am jealous of everyone who is gearing up for the impending school year which will be upon us within the upcoming weeks. With that being said, quite a bit has happened in my life since I last posted. Although I try to avoid making this blog any sort of diary (as I feel that to be a tasteless and tacky way to use such media), it goes without saying that I wish to update my readers as to what has been going on. Since the middle of July, I have been employed by a local nursery (baby trees, not children) as a clerk. Certainly not the most rewarding career choice I had in mind, but one that pays the bills and occupies my time, however boring that might be. This is certainly not a permanent position, though. If all goes according to plan, I should be moving to Texas either next Spring or Summer. Due to certain employment circumstances, my boyfriend has found himself tentatively hired for a position that will take us to south Texas. Ideally, this is not the place that I would like to be, but I am excited for the adventure. I am hopeful that a geographic change in location will increase the likelihood of me finding a  job in my field. Right now, being a clerk at a lackluster nursery is very dull and I feel that my skills and talents are being underutilized. As I write, I am currently at work. A rainy day in a month notorious for lagging sales, there are little tasks to be accomplished and I sit at my post, waiting anxiously for the customers that never come. While I should be thankful for a job in such a poor economy, I can’t help but feel resentful towards the college degree that is doing me little good at the moment. On a side note, my beloved grandmother is currently being hospitalized for gallbladder issues and it is difficult to see such a typically vibrant and spry woman lie cooped up in a hospital bed. Acknowledging the immortality of human life is hard, but this illness is one my grandmother will come out of. I promise to be a more diligent blogger from here on out, as it is important to remain dutiful to a hobby that brings me so much pleasure.


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