Day 158

I think it is fair to say that the typical person does not look forward to their next awkward social interaction. I for certain don’t, but today it was inevitable, as I attended my very first chamber after hours event. A glorified bragging event, each month a local businesses will hold an “after hours” event at their establishment, displaying their facility and innovative, if not state-of-the art services. Snacking on only the most common finger foods and mingling amongst strangers (or better yet, faux friends) is not exactly my cup of tea. I instantly revert back to the days of the middle school dance; a place where it was okay to group in clusters against the wall and chat with friends. However, this was not the case for me tonight, as networking was the name of the game. After all, my degree is in communication, so how hard could it be to communicate with my fellow chamber members. Simple answer: very. Trying to make small talk with people who I share little in common with proved to be a challenge. Hell, getting people to even talk to me was difficult enough. As soon as it was socially acceptable for me to leave, I dashed, leaving a wake of people who were probably astonished by my awkwardness. Lesson learned, in the future I will try my hardest to latch on to people I know and coerce them into occupying me for the whole evening, thus avoiding any potential wallflower situations that might present itself. I cannot honestly understand why such an event is held though, as I can see very few people kicking up their heels and enjoying the raucous camaraderie that the chamber makes after hours out to be. While my social life might be limited at this time, I do not ever see chamber after hours as a function that I will greatly anticipate, as I think clipping my toenails would be far more enjoyable of an act.


One response to “Day 158

  1. Where, pray tell, do you get your dry (sarcastic) sense of humor?? 🙂 I am certain you weren’t nearly as awkward as you imagine….bet you have some very short toenails!

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