Day 155

Day 156 was spent at the every classy barnyard of Bangor. With a few more ass slaps to my name, a bruised foot, and a hang over to deal with, I would consider this trip achieved its goals of sketchy, crazy, and fun. Today however, I paid the consequences… dearly. However, there really is no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than being lazy and I achieved this goal as well. Catching up with a friend and power walking off a lunch of fatty (but delicious) proved to be a pretty amazing day for me. So far so good….let’s hope I keep up this positivity/distraction thing for 155 more days!


One response to “Day 155

  1. I KNEW you had a hangover…and I guess it must have been a good one, judging by all the errors in your post! No sympathy from yo mama!

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