Day 154

Finally, a relief at work. After the most exhausting week of my life (last week) which was filled with early deadlines, grumpy customers, and wrong ads published, it’s over. The paper has already been printed for this week and now my next round of ads don’t have to be printed until December 1st, which feels like an eternity. As a person who works the best under pressure, having a deadline that is so far away encourages procrastination. However, today I was able to buckle down and secure some ads for December 1st, as well as log some of my customers who run on a weekly basis. As queen of the procrastinators though, this does not come natural to me and during my spurts of productivity I am tempted to check the very addictive Facebook or catch up on the latest bath salts story in the BDN. The thing is, I have always been the type of person who does everything at the last minute. I did a four month internship and wrote my reflection paper in three hours… while sitting in a parked car in the middle of a construction site. Even though so much weighed on that one grade, I was amazingly nonchalant about the procedure of writing the paper, and this holds true throughout other spectrums of my life. While I might be a crazy, stressed out, on edge person, I refuse to EVER plan anything in advance. Life would be no where near as fun if it wasn’t done in a fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants manner. While it’s important to make sure the essentials are taken care of (housing, food, job, etc.) other things can be put on the back burner. Just procrastinate and chill out, maaaannnn.


One response to “Day 154

  1. You better choose a partner with the same laid back approach to everything, or it’s a disaster waiting to happen. While you are at it, kids wouldn’t be a wise idea either….they are sticklers for schedules.

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