Day 152

One week down… only 22 left! Today we had our first big(ish) snowstorm of the season, and as usual, it brought out the stupid irrationality of many people. Unlike a lot of other people, I found myself begrudgingly partaking in my commute to work this morning in my 2 wheel drive Accord, making it to work safe and sound. Calling around to local businesses though, my work was almost entirely fruitless, as nearly all local entrepreneurs had shut their doors at the onset of what has been appropriately tagged by the media as “Pre-Thanksgiving storm” (Very creative.) Needless to say, when noontime hit, my quest for lunch – which is usually simple and mindless –  turned into a life or death journey across an arctic tundra. Cursing my employer for having the audacity to stay open during this driving nightmare, I went back to work but only after getting stuck in the parking lot as I was pulling in. The publisher must have heard my prayers at about 1:30, when it was announced that we would be closing at 3:30. Twiddling my thumbs for the next hour and a half and spending more time pretending to be busy that actually BEING busy, I was permitted to go home a bit earlier… at 3:00, after the storm had dissipated. Now safe and sound in my cozy bed at home, I’m greatly anticipating tomorrow’s feast and good company. The roads will be cleared and today’s unnerving terror of being on the roads will no longer exist.


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