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Day 157

I think it’s time I bid my farewells to the iPhone I once loved dearly. As with all new things, they grow old and lose their sheen. My iPhone 3GS, once fast, state of the art, and capable of taking clear cell phone photos is now a thing of the past. Adding to my desire to upgrade is the fact that I am now eligible to buy a phone at the contract price – a definite perk. But upgrading comes at a moral cost. Is it okay to discard a phone that is in (relatively speaking) perfectly good condition, a luxury that many people could never fathom affording? I’m the one who judges couples on getting divorced after the first few years of marriage, criticizing them for dumping their spouse once the honeymoon phase is over. Really though, this is what I’m doing with my phone. It still does everything I ask it do, just at a much slower rate of speed, producing somewhat grainy photos and not responding well to the multiple dropping incidents I’ve put it through. As weird as it might appear, I almost feel guilty looking at other phones, like I’m cheating on my iPhone. Apple amazed me with the iPhone technology, and now I find myself going gaga over the HTC Vivid. I can guarantee that once I find a new phone, the honeymoon stage will wear off after I have thrown it a few times and sworn that I will never use AT&T ever again. If my iPhone continues to give me a guilt trip though, maybe I’ll continue to stick things out with her until she finally decides to sputter her last few breaths of battery life, who knows. Hopefully my upcoming trip to the AT&T store will provide some insight on this big life decision I might possibly be making.


iPhone Yuppies

For the longest time, I was a strong believer that iPhone’s were an unnecessary electronic device which people only felt that they needed and didn’t actually serve an adequate purpose in daily life. It seemed that the first few people who ran out to buy the exorbitantly priced phone from Apple were really excited to use it, if not brag and show off the do-all gadget to their friends. It has now been a few years since the first release of the iPhone, and since then we’ve seen three generations added to the line, ending with the latest which is the iPhone 4. When the latest version of the iPhone came out, it also coincided brilliantly with the end of my contract with AT&T, allowing me to either get a new phone or switch to a better provider. It was a nice of AT&T to lower the price of the older model of the iPhone and subsequently make their data plans a lot cheaper, thus conning me into signing another 2 year agreement with the at best mediocre wireless company. Needless to say, I’ve had my iPhone for about two months and absolutely adore it. I’m not one to jump on any sort of trendy bandwagon, but I honestly believe that the iPhone lives up to all of the hype that surrounds it. Granted, I was upgrading from the craptastic LG Shine, but the iPhone takes care of everything I could ever wish it to and more. I’m able to check my email, take pictures of reasonably good quality, text in a timely fashion (the Shine was a real pain in the butt on the texting front), and creep Facebook whenever the mood strikes. The plan isn’t that much more expensive than what I was paying before, and I am significantly happier with the service and capabilities since I’ve made the upgrade. Am I an iPhone yuppie? I’d like to think not – ┬áconsidering I wasn’t one of the people camping outside of the AT&T store before the new phone was available for purchase. If the phone continues to hold up as well as it has in the past few months, I will be seeing another iPhone in my future when it’s time to sign another contract!